Electronics and Communication Engineering as Career

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We feel blessed using electronic gadgets made of advanced-tools of technology but wonder, who made those gadgets and gizmos? With the innovative thinking and ideas to improve and develop new changes in the nuances of communications, Electronics engineers put their proficient skills and make electronic gadgets.

Detailsof offered courses

Career in electronic and communication engineering is one of the highest paid professions in India with the ever growing rate of job prospects. India is one of the fastest growing telecom markets growing with the rapid increase in number of subscribers, users and viewers. This in a way makes room for ample amount of opportunities for electronics and communication engineers. For electronics and Ncert Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies communication engineering, there are courses offered from the bachelor level to the doctorate level. One can get admission into a college for bachelors through engineering entrance competitive exams. The most imperative subjects to study for the electronics and communication are –mathematics, science, wireless, digital, fiber optic communications etc. Students should also look for ABET-accredited programs as engineers who offer their services directly to public. They require graduation from an ABET-accredited program.

Distance Learning Programs

In this field of engineering, practical knowledge, working with extensive software and programs is considered to be a great asset of the student. As now the era has changed and the whole world has come up on the waves of internet, there are new emerging options for the aspiring candidates to study online. Once you rove on the internet and surf different sites,apparently you will get a fair idea of how to apply for these courses. Acknowledge yourself with the given courses on electronics and communication engineering online and opt a course according to your qualification and abilities. Have a look at the list of a few given courses:

  • Online Engineering Classes (through a renowned college which avails the facility of online learning classes)
  • Free Online Electrical Engineering courses
  • Online Engineering Degree Programs etc.

Job Prospects in Electronics Engineering

There are multiple career options in varied industries in the arena of Electronic and Communication Engineering. Media and Entertainment is one of the leading industries in India which serves a higher amount of job opportunities to electrical engineers. Many other industries like Telecom and Information Technology companies also serve huge number of opportunities as the number of users and providers both are rapidly increasing.

One can get secured jobs in public sector companies as well as in some private national giants of telecom like Vodafone, Star India,and Airtel etc. The initial packages for an electrical engineer would be around 2.5 Lakhs per annum to 6 lakhs in the arena of Electrical and Communication engineering. Now in fact, there is a scope even in the rapidly increasing online giants of E-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. E-retail is one of the emerging sectors which incur humongous amount of job opportunities to serve the aspiring students of electrical engineering.

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