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Most of the personalities we call innovators and visionaries belong to the domain of Information Technology. This field provides a scope for exploring beyond the known and that is what the engineers here are paid for.

Skills and Mind-set required

The primary skill required to build a career as an IT Engineer is the love for computers. The madness to be one with the digital world is what drives an IT Engineer to innovate and build the path for development of the human mind. Every aspect of human life is connected to one device or the other, so adopting the element of technology as an inseparable part of life is also a must. An IT Engineer must also be up to date with the latest news and whereabouts of devices and creation of a new age technologies.

Subjects of interest

Along with basic knowledge of the traditional engineering subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Maths, a student should be proficient in algorithm writing and languages such as C++, Java, HTML etc. The inquisitiveness towards learning new and up to date software languages is the key to being a successful IT engineer.

Top Colleges

To have a good educational background and exposure, an aspirant should aim for prestigious institutes such as IITs, NITs, VIT andBITS which would give the student leverage while applying for a job in the market. Other traditional engineering colleges also offer good courses but the path to prove one’s credibility would be longer.

Job profile and Average Salary

A well placed IT Engineer can earn an average salary of Rs. 392,291 per annum in the domestic market. But, any IT Engineer who successfully gets placed in the international market can boost his salary job domain manifold and the conditions of the international market for Indian IT professionals has never been more conducive. All of the biggest firms be it Apple, Google or Microsoft are hiring Indian professionals at a rapid rate because of the IT revolution phase India is going through.

Future prospects

The future, if it belongs to any sector must belong to the IT sector. The whole field is related to creation of future and expansion of human potential. Device and gadgets that are upgraded day by day are because of the thought put in by an IT professional who wanted to carve a niche for himself. From the difference engine of Charles Babbage to the latest iPhone, one factor has been constant throughout; the oneness with technology and the inability to settle for the present. Having a career in the field of Information Technology gives one the power to build something for the future of mankind. A single code, software, language or algorithm is enough to impact and change the lives of billions of human beings that are dependent on technology for the day to day functioning of their life.

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career as an it engineer

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