Electrical Engineering as a Career

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It has always been the academic ingenuity of scholars like Andre Ampere, Hans Christian Oersted, Nikola Tesla, William Gilbert and many more that electrical engineering has found its way among the core branches of engineering. If you are opting for electrical engineering as a career, the following will help you identify your dream more clearly.

The Kind of Work Electrical Engineers Do

Power Generation and Transmission

Traditionally, electrical engineers worked with the generation and transmission of electricity. They were tasked with developing, designing and monitoring equipment used in the aforementioned tasks. This was one of the very basic tasks.

Apart from the traditional work type, today, the field has well expanded and the domains of electronics engineering Ncert Solutions For Class 11 mathematics and computer science have been encompassed within it.For example, the field of power electronics is associated with using semiconductor devices at a very high power level (in kW and MW). It employs all the basics of the field of electronics and combines it with basics of power transmission for proper and efficient transfer of electricity. Thus, being a combination of two sub-disciplines of engineering, it is one of the key areas of research and analysis in the present era.

Electrical energy is the only form of energy that can be used in industries. This makes way for immense job opportunities for electrical engineers in various other sectors as well.

Their work in:


Every major industry has their exclusive power distribution system which requires the proficient acumen of electrical engineering for proper functioning. Management and constant efficient transfer of electricity in such industries is the key to their success.

Apart from this, control systems, a sub-discipline of electrical engineering deals with control and monitoring of automated system in industries. Their design and monitoring also falls under this branch.

Transportation Sector

Every aircraft and every vehicle needs an excellent electrical system which involves electrical energy transfer and transformation. Additionally, the advent of smart cars involving smart security systems and automated basic operations makes electrical engineering a hot cake as a job.

Defense Sector

It is a common belief among military experts that the methods of warfare which are prominent atpresent will soon be obsolete. They will be soon replaced by sophisticated weapons which will employ not just firing of guns but automated precision settings and target identifying. This involves collaboration of both electrical engineering and instrumentation engineering.

Renewable Sources of Energy

The debate on the need of renewable CBSE Syllabus For Class 11 mathematics sources of energy in today’s world does not need any further detail. This race towards sustainable, clean energy is one of the most important responsibilities that electrical engineers are dealing with. Whether it be working with nuclear science, or be it efficient harnessing of solar energy and making it available to every household, electrical engineers are toiling day and night to make the dream of clean energy a successful reality.

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electrical engineering as a career

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