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for countries like India that have abundant Human Resource. It is a myth that people who are not genuinely outgoing have a tough time in understanding the dynamics of being an HR. To become an HR, all you need is knowing how to bring the best out of the people. It is like putting the perfect clues at right places.

Subjects to focus on

Once you enrol in an HR course, the main subjects to be focussed upon are man power planning, resource management, employee relations, compensation benefits, talent management and many others. Thus, the HR courses are a combination of testing your logical, mathematical and analytical skills in addition to testing your vocabulary and convincing / negotiating capacities.

Exams to crack

In the recent days, there has been a shift from the belief that human resource as a career option is mostly viable to students having a commerce background. Look around yourself and you will find people from all walks of life opting for a human resource management course. Why not! After all, knowledge about the subjects can make you develop a better understanding of the business dynamics. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it is very necessary to have sound relations with fellow individuals and know the tricks to mould the game. Bling!

In India, Common Admission Test has been the most talked about exam in order to get into the CBSE Online practice test for class 9 mathematics coveted IIMs, which are spread across India, that boast of quality infrastructure and placements. Other preferable exams are XAT, SNAP and MAT.

Human Resource management can also be pursued through diploma courses and through distant education from many colleges. These colleges basically demand under graduation and certain minimum amount of work experience.

GMAT should be your call if you want to pursue MBA from colleges outside India.

Hot Choices

The post graduate colleges pretty much resemble what we must have read in ChetanBhagat’s book or watched in the movie, 2 States. The colleges accommodate people who already possess a certain level of maturity and are open to take risks in life. The colleges are considered to be intellectually stimulating and full of knowledgeable vibrancy.

The IIMs have been to the management aspirants what IITs have been to the engineers of the country. Besides themXLRI Jamshedpur, TISS Bombay, MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, Delhi School of Economics Delhi University, XISS Ranchi, XIMB BBSR, SIBM Pune, NIMS Mumbai, ISB Hyderabadare some colleges to watch out for as these have stayed hot choices among the aspirants.

Almost everybody offers you jobs!

Almost every company starting from e-commerce, healthcare, law firms, service industries to manufacturing giants require personnel to manage their human resource. The main recruiters are various multinationals who have a huge man power to deal with. Recently many government organisations are also watching out for young talentthat have knowledge of human resource management.

The work profile of the HR can span from being a clerk to Vice-President of Human resources as the human resource managers are considered to be the link between the owners of the company and NCERT Solution for class 9 mathematics the employees.

And you are paid well!

While the average salary of an HR person is Rs 6lakhs PA in India, the package is hiked depending on the position, location and experience. However, it is mostly seen that after a considerable amount of experience in HR, people generally switch positions to more lucrative fields.  It’s all about being at the right place at the right time.

On the whole, the mantra to stick on to this field is being vigilant about the developments around you and knowing the demand graph of a particular human resource in the sector you are working in. No doubt, the career comes with setbacks, however, isn’t it brilliant to peek into people’s psychology and match it up with the industry’s? How often do people choose a field that is considered to be broad as well as creative.

Take your call right now and play your strength!

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human resource as a career option

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