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with a sound background in technical fundamentals, computers and programming languages. IT is far beyond the dingy, untidy, and unkempt basement or computer rooms and the IT people are not socially inept geeks as depicted by the popular British sitcom ‘The IT crowd.’ One can be a part of any industry one likes as each of those relies on technology of some form or the other.

IT utilizes existing operating systems, software and applications to create a larger system that solves a specific business problem and uses it to store, NCERT solutions for class 8 Science process, transmit and retrieve data securely. However, it must not be confused with computer engineering, which is focused on computational application and research,design and development of computer equipment.

An IT person should focus on -

  • programming languages
  • network design and engineering
  • software engineering
  • mathematics –algebra, trigonometry, calculus, analytical geometry etc.
  • graphic design
  • database design

Since this field is ever evolving,so there is a high degree of self-study required to maintain relevance. People who have a constant urge of developing their knowledge and are creative are likely to succeed in the industry.

For entering into the IT profession a person-

  • should pass higher secondary examination with science stream
  • should pursue B.Tech or B.E in information technology
  • can go for Master’s program for higher specialization in the specific area of his/her choice.

Various government colleges like NIT Surathkal, MNNIT Allahbad, Delhi Technological University, NSIT, NIT Durgapur,Jadavpur University, IIEST etc and private institutes like   Manipal Institute of Technology,VIT University,Nirma University , Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technologyetc.offer a Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) degree in IT. One can search for the specific field in which he/she aims to master and the respective colleges that provide the opportunity.

Job opportunities

Inorder to get hired, a person should have a strong background in the technical fundamentals and good communication skills because he is likely to work in groups.A background in both computer science and marketing or business will increase your chances of getting hired manifold.IT specialists are required in a variety of fields and the leading companies that hire are Microsoft, Accenture, HCL,  Infotech, IBM,Oracle, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, BSNL, ISRO, CDIT, CDAC ,HP ,Samsung,Raytheon, EMC, Sun, Cisco, RSA etc.

The job profile includes information security analysts (preventing cyber-attacks),Network architect(designing and building computer networks), computer support specialists,database administrators(organize and store data),systems administrators(maintaining and operating of a business’s network) and many more.

How much is the pay?

Money plays a salient role in every career decision. An IT specialist has a salary of 3 lakhs per annum, which is quite decent as compared to other fields.The more Free download study material for class 8 Science qualifications you get in this field, the better your income will probably be in the long run.

By choosing IT as a career, you will get to reinvent yourself. Jobs are likely to boost in areas like cyber security, cloud computing, and mobilebased games and apps. Yes, it will be a challenge to habituate to the ever changing environment, but you can be the pioneer and carry the world to an era of new possibilities and advances. 

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