Mainly mechanical engineers research, develop, design, build, and test thermal and mechanical devices

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How to enter the Mechanical Engineering field


Almost all mechanical engineering jobs need you to have a bachelor’s degree in the sphere of mechanical engineering technology or mechanical engineering.


Mechanical engineers are mainly expected to do the following:

  • Analyze problems and decide how to solve it by mechanical and thermal devices.
  • Design or redesign thermal and mechanical devices.
  • Develop and thereby test the devices made.
  • Analyze the test and make necessary changes in design if needed.
  • Participate in the manufacturing process of the same device. 

Mechanical engineering programs include mathematics, life and physical sciences, engineering design etc. These programs focus more on practical application rather than just theoretical knowledge of the subject. Degree typically is designed to be completed in 4 years. These programs are usually accompanied by internships and co-ops to prepare students for the practical work in the industry. 

Some colleges and universities have a provision to provide a 5-year program that allows a student to obtain both a bachelor’s as well as master’s degree. Some 5 to 6 year programs combine theoretical study with practical work to help students gain experience by working in the practical world.


Qualities to possess 

It would be beneficial if you possess these qualities for this field of study:

  • Mathematical skills
  • Mechanical skills
  • Creativity
  • Listening capabilities
  • Problem solving skills


How to get admission in a Mechanical Engineering Programme


You need to have passed your 10+2 with a science stream. To be eligible for a graduation programme in BE or B.Tech, you need at least 50% aggregate. To be eligible for IIT, 60% aggregate is a must. You can appear in various entrance exams like:

  • IITJEE i.e. Joint Entrance Examination to get into various IITs
  • AIEEE i.e. All-India Engineering Entrance Exam to get admission in National Institutes of Technology and other regional engineering colleges.

Some colleges conduct their personal entrance NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Mathematics examinations, whereas others accept AIEEE score.


Work, Jobs and Pay


According to a survey, in 2012, mechanical engineers held around 258,100 positions in the job market. They mostly work in manufacturing industries, research and development, and architectural and engineering services.

In 2012 the median annual wage for a mechanical engineer was around $80,580. Moreover, the top 10% earned more than around $121,530, while the lowest 10% around $52,030.

These are just the surveys. What you, as an individual with your specific skill set, can earn has a plethora of possibilities. To work diligently and truly earn high marks the specs of a professional mechanical engineer. You have to work hard to qualify for the degree and then for the job. This profession never lacks funds and resources and it needs manpower to flourish. Be amongst those who make a mark in this field and prosper.

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