Psychiatry is that branch of the medical profession

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After diagnosing the behavioral and physical symptoms, drugs, and other means are used to cure the problem. Psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing and further help in treating mental health problems, emotional disorders, and various other related illnesses. They also look after patients who have mental Study Material for Class 9 Physics problems like schizophrenia and depression. The demands for psychiatrists are increasing because of the increasing level of mental stress in the modern lifestyle. 

To become a psychiatrist you should attend a medical school and receive M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degree after completing M.B.B.S. One could also look at the option of doing Diploma in Psychiatry (DPM) from any registered educational institute. 


Doctors who have completed their MBBS program are eligible to specialize in psychiatry. They can either attain a postgraduate degree in psychiatry (M.D) or a diploma in psychiatric medicine (DPM). Besides these two, one can also go for DNB i.e. Diploma of National Board Exam. 


  • The Doctorate course in psychiatry lasts for three years. The person doing M.D has to submit a thesis on a particular topic while working under a supervisor. The subjects taught in M.D. Programme are psychology, physiology, biochemistry of brain, neurosurgery, anatomy and neurology. The course includes practical training in hospitals. And special aspects of psychology like child psychiatry, social psychiatry, community psychiatry, preventive psychiatry and forensic psychiatry are also part of the academic curriculum.


  • The D.P.M course duration is of two years. But while doing the DPM you don’t have to write a thesis. 


Personal Skills: 

It is important to be patient if you are willing to be a psychiatrist. It is good to be understanding and sensitive towards people and their problems. You should be a great listener. And should have a genuine concern and sympathy towards your patients and should have the capability to approach their problems objectively. Good communication is the key skill of all psychiatrists. 

Job Prospects: 

The profession is growing, and new job applications are emerging as there is an increase in mental problems arising due to the modern ways of living. Psychiatrists often work with social workers and occupational therapists for rehabilitation of people who have had suffered mental illness in the past and further help them to adapt to the normal way of living. As a psychiatrist, you can seek a proper job in a regular or mental hospital. You can also set up your private clinic. Apart from that you can work as counselors in various institutions such as schools, colleges, health centers and hospitals. Even many private nursing homes and polyclinics come up with employments of psychiatrists to treat psychiatric problems arising from medical, cardiac, gynecological and surgical cases. 

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